ConCribe provides structural fiber concrete designs for slabs and foundations, concrete products and other insitu solutions like walls. The purpose is to save production costs and improve durability.

Designs can combine steel reinforcements with fibers or concrete alone. They can be done to match the static capacity of the steel reinforcement, or against actual loads.

ConCribe do designs and technical support for manufacturers of synthetic fibers, steel, glass or basalt fibers.

  • Many years of experience with static and structural designs.
  • FRC only or in combination with rebar or mesh designs.
  • Detailed project descriptions
  • Concrete specifications

We work from the following standards:

  • TR 34 3rd & 4th edition
  • RILEM TC 162
  • FIB model code 2010
  • Eurocodes 2
  • Eurocodes 7
  • ACI 360
  • GEOL  615